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Marlene Kohn


Marilyn Traeger


Patricia Tuttle

Chief Operating Officer

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Our Story

Co-founders Marilyn Traeger and Marlene Kohn 


When we retired in 2012 and 2013 we established the AMAZING Sketchbook Project by donating our retirement gifts to the Dade Art Educators.
Two weeks after our first meeting, thanks to the Coconut Grove Art Festival, we awarded five $1,000 Isaiah Scholarships to five deserving graduating art students for their art school education.


The first Isaiah Fund scholarships were awarded on August 29th, 2013.






We talked to a lot of people. We needed a lot of advice and gratefully received it. The Dade Art Educators Association graciously agreed to deposit all funds in their account. This was super important because the DAEA is a 501(c)3. Because DAEA is a not-for-profit organization designation our donors can claim their charitable donation. Not one cent of your donation goes to administrative costs!

"If you always do what you you always did
you always get what you always got."


Please make your tax deductable donation to the Fund for Design & Art Education by clicking the donate button
or by making your check payable to:
Dade Art Educators Association and note F4DAE, 
then mail it to: 

Dade Art Educators Association 

879 Eastward Drive

Miami Springs, FL 33166

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