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Can you write? Do others understand what you are expressing? If so, then please consider writing copy for our marketing and fundraising efforts. We really need your skills... after all we're art teachers!


Details, details, details! They can get the best of us and we need your eyes and your thinking to make things happen in a good way! We especially need help at the ARTportunity in October and the Sunday Salon in February.


Networking is the way to let others know about this fund. If you can tell your friends and encourage them to tell others amazing things can happen. We know because that's just what happened to us!


Adopt a kid to help him or her make their artistic dreams come true. You can help them by helping them write, organize their portfolio, providing supplies or financial assistance. Most of all you can help by showing them that you care - it makes a huge difference!

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Looking for ways to make a difference?


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